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Production, delivery and installation of automatic doors of glass. The doors of the automatic doors are extremely large to satisfy even the biggest whims of our customers.

 Exterior sliding automatic doors with one or more wings, photo frame with frame and no frame.

 Sliding automatic doors are with electromagnets that are absolutely silent. They can be opened with just a slight Pusch end Go or photocell, as well as with a remote control.

 Other versions of automatic doors are round doors, which are placed at the entrances of hotels and administrative buildings. They are the most permeable and can also be filled with different sizes and models.

 There are also flying automatic doors, which in most cases are used for interior. Such automatic doors are used in hospitals as well as in luxury offices. When talking about automatic doors, of course, it should be noted that they have numerous action functions and are fully compliant with all safety requirements as well as fire actions.

 Prices for automatic doors with a quote for an offer that will be prepared as soon as possible.

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